Quali sono le ragioni delle Missed Care? Risultato di uno studio bilaterale. Ragioni delle Missed Care

Ig Sanita Pubbl. 2020 Nov-Dec;76(6):355-369.


BACKGROUND: Evidence of missed nursing care in clinical practice has been well documented; however, fewer studies highlighting why care is missed have been conducted and this prevents effective interventions aimed at minimizing the missed care.

METHODS: A secondary analysis of two cross-sectional study designs was performed to capture the direction and strength of 1,114 Italian and Australian nurses’ perceptions about why care was missed in their hospitals. The MISSCARE survey was used to collect data and the specific section aimed at estimating the reasons for missed nursing care was used. Data were analysed using structural equation modelling.

RESULTS: Six significant variables emerged as predictors of why care is missed, and these were: workplace miscommunication; increased work intensity; inadequate physical and human resources for care work; nurses’ age; and years of clinical experience.

CONCLUSIONS: Australian and Italian findings contribute to growing international studies as to why nursing care is missed and provides a framework for understanding precipitating factors, such as incomplete workplace communication, unpredictable workflows, staffing and material resources issues might contribute to why care is missed and must thus be addressed/improved.


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