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Ukraine’s Medical Crisis: Humans Coming Together For Humanity

The Ukraine war has shown the whole what modern arms and weapons are capable of. More importantly, humanity is meant to suffer when political interests don’t align. 

Ukrainians had to flee to the neighboring nations when the Russian military advanced to several cities categorically. Without food, water, and medical supplies, thousands of Ukrainians started moving to the west to Poland and Romania. In some cases, people had to cover 15-20 days of journey on foot as logistics were affected. 

Just when the Ukrainians thought they were left with nothing and we’re all alone in this moment of crisis, several helping hands came forward that didn’t let the torch of humanity get extinguished. 

As soon as the world got to know about the Russian invasion, the Polish government was one of the first to announce help for the Ukrainian civilians. The Polish government started building medical reception centers in the border towns to provide immediate medical relief to the refugees fleeing to Poland. 

Not only the government but the individuals and private organizations also came forward to provide relief and comfort to the incoming Ukrainians who were in shock and trauma from the horrors they witnessed. 

The local people and authorities showed kind gestures to the refugees. The big malls were converted to reception centers. Many local people donated food and clothes to the tired and hopeless refugees. 

International volunteers from different professional fields from around the world came in to help. Dr. Vijai Bhola, one such volunteer who went to help refugees from the US in the medical reception centers, says that every day, about 900-1000 refugees would come to one reception center. 

Despite the challenges faced by the international volunteers at the reception centers, they managed to handle the situation perfectly, Dr. Bhola told medtigo. 

The doctors, IT volunteers, and the local authorities together made the operations at refugee centers smooth. Dr. Bhola says some NGOs and groups often donate packed meals for the people. The Sikh community, famous for helping in relief measures in every crisis across the world, distributed langar meals (community kitchen), he added. 

The collective humanitarian effort of different people to a single cause, i.e., to build a safe and peaceful world where there is a scope of mutual co-existence, shows how humanity can flourish. 



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