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Heartbeat on the Right Side?

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Born and raised in a family of doctors, always been passionate about medicine and looking forward to contributing positively to healthcare. Currently working as a medical officer and editorial assistant in medical journals. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in medicine in 2019 from Nepal Medical College, Kathmandu University. Aspire to pursue residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics. Hobbies: traveling, reading, and a health enthusiast.

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  1. Paige Fillio

    Kartagener’s syndrome, history of recurrent chest infections/URI symptoms suggestive of this. Also has dextrocardia which is associated with this syndrome as well.

  2. Garikapati Sai Ram

    Triad of kartagenous syndrome sintus invertus as heart sound is heard on right side ,patient presented with sinusitis and bronchectasis.

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