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    Troy ReevesTroy Reeves

    What do you guys think about the overwhelming numbers of healthcare workers fighting, quitting, and protesting against the Covid 19 Vaccine mandate? I have personally spoke with many Nurses, radiology technicians, and physicians who have expressed their concerns that the vaccine just isn’t safe for us to take. Or how they have had covid already and didn’t get that sick so now don’t believe it is a big deal. It troubles me that our profession is so torn with this topic. The general population grows more afraid of the vaccine while the hear the people in healthcare that they trust say that the vaccine isn’t safe. My mother is afraid of the vaccine and hasn’t received it at the age of 73, she tells me that she has seen doctors and nurses on TV say its not safe and there is no way she will get it. We really need to come together and give accurate information to our public, they deserve correct information.
    What are your thoughts?

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